Sean Patrick's offers a full range of massage therapies to enhance your emotional and physical well-being.  Massage improves circulation, relieves tension, reduces muscle soreness and helps prevent injuries.  Our certified massage therapist will help select a massage that is best for you.

Swedish Massage  
This relaxing massage will reduce muscle tension and soreness while improving circulation and muscle tone.  
     25 minutes      55
     50 minutes      75
     80 minutes      95
Deep Tissue Massage  
This penetrating massage is ideal for releasing muscle tension throughout your body.  This restorative technique will eliminate muscle soreness and leave you feeling invigorated.  
     25 minutes      75
     50 minutes      95
     80 minutes      130
Hot Stone Massage (50 minutes)      85
Aromatherapy Massage (50 minutes)     
This soothing essential oil massage relieves stress and releases tension.  Custom blended oils are used to help relieve sinus problems and muscle soreness.      80
Reflexology Foot Massage (30 minutes)      55


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